We care about soundcloud enough to get organized.

We are concerned that http://next.soundcloud.com may not be a step in the right direction.

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album art

what happened to the “album art”, the image associated with a track? it doesn’t seem to get displayed anymore ..

urls and names

in classic sc, if we paste the url of a track, set, artist or group in a message or somewhere, it gets rendered as that page’s title

in next, it’s the bare url — how is that progress?

mini-update vs. stats

for years now the stats have been broken. how can this be? it’s one of the features the paying customers .. paid for.

for example:

the numbers in the “Mini Update” on the dashboard are always much higher
than the numbers on the actual stats page.

it makes you feel like it’s .. all a lie?

it’s so black

it’s so black :(
it doesn’t feel happy.
it feels heavy.

we want more orange .. maybe the old blue feels oldschool to you, but it was lighter and happier.
we need something happier!

download messages

messages are an important part of the social soundcloud experience. we love them.

we are afraid we might lose them over time: please provide a way to download all personal messages in a suitable format, xml or json maybe.

looks like an app

the next.soundcloud interface looks like an app.

we think this is a fundamental misunderstanding: when i’m sitting at my full screen, i want to make use of it, not feel like i am squinting at my four-inch phone display.

activity: when someone mentions a track of mine in a comment

the activity functionality is great! we want more:

when someone links to a track of mine in a comment, i want to be notified.